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Life is a University for Successful Living

Do you feel as if you are fulfilling your Ultimate Destiny in life?
Do the choices and decisions you are making today, lead you closer to that Ultimate Destiny?
Have you stopped to really think about what your life could be like if you were living your Ultimate Destiny, each and every day?

Here are our questions for your consideration

If Life is actually a University for Successful Living, What did YOU come here to learn, to experience, to create and share? What do you think could be the Successful Living Skills we need to acquire and practice? Which of the following are most important to you personally? If you click on any links below, you will access a couple of paragraphs with more details including a link to an individual comprehensive University for that topic.

Everything you are and everything you will ever be are the results of the choices and decisions you make. Every decision you make either takes you closer to or farther away from your Ultimate Destiny. The point is, that you are here for a Divine Purpose. If you haven’t yet discovered that Divine Purpose or Ultimate Destiny, there is no time like the present moment to start walking towards it.
Just as Abraham Maslow envisioned a “fully actualized” person, you can start realizing more of your Ultimate Potential today. Take a moment right now to stop and close your eyes and try and imagine what your life would look like if ALL of the areas of your life were perfectly in balance and thriving?

Watch this powerful video from Bob Proctor

One of our favorite programs of hundreds he has created, The Success Puzzle

Just like Bob suggests in the video, we offer all of our Success Puzzle programs on a “pay it forward” or “pay what it’s worth to you” basis.

Open Your Heart to More

Show Your Support

All the programs above can be acquired in a bundle at a special offer price. You can also involve yourself as a Charter Member or Sponsor to provide continuous support to the development of this unique educational opportunity.

Bundle Offer - Success Puzzle

Introductory Offer For All 14 Programs in The Ultimate Destiny Success System

The intent is to attract first greater public awareness and in this way secure the financial support we need. At the same time, this will be an opportunity to share these life­ changing transformation resources to the broadest audience and as soon as possible. We therefore decided to offer copies of all 14 programs in PDFs and paperback edition for only $197. The complete set is referred to as the Ultimate Destiny Success System. Isn’t it a great way for you or someone you love to benefit from the insights of this program? You will discover among other Quizzes, Self-discovery exercises, Goal Setting and other Successful Living Skills The program offers also top of range Featured Resources. It relies indeed on some of the world’s leading experts in these areas.

If you would like to accept our invitation to access all 14 of these powerful and empowering programs as both PDFs and print books at a discount.

Charter Membership and Sponsorship Invitation

We are planning to establish an international non-profit Ultimate YOUniversity™ for Successful Living. And to help us accelerate our plans, we invite you to take advantage of any of the Charter Membership Options. Five options from Basic to Platinum are available permanently while a Co-founder Charter Membership is on offer for a limited time. Whichever the option chosen, the membership entitles to the PDF and paperback editions of all 14 programs. Last but not least, we are also actively seeking Sponsors for the YOUniversity™ and each of its 12 individual “Colleges.”

For more details on the most appropriate way for YOU to join us and in this way help us continue to refine and expand our programs, publications and service

Charter Membership - Success Puzzle

A Great Idea!

Why We Believe that YOUniversity™ for Successful Living is a Good Idea, Rather a Great Idea?

Some experts say that most people only use about 5% of their potential. What if they are right?
Top achievers in our world are already using resources that could help people utilize more of their potential and harness their creative power. Imagine a world where such resources are becoming widely available. Wouldn’t that contribute in having a large number of people becoming part of the solution to the global economic and environmental challenges we face?
And what if there is a way and available technology for bringing the best of these tested and proven resources to millions world­wide?

Mark Twain, A Great Source of Inspiration

... And A Natural Supporter of Youniversity™ for Successful Living!

Would the World Be a Better Place?

Would we be better able to identify and resolve the root causes of the many complex challenges and problems we face as a global family? Mark Twain thought so, and so do we which is why we are establishing, and invite YOU to help co-create Ultimate YOUniversity™ for Successful Living!

Expanding The Circle of Success Implementation Strategy

The individuals, cause-oriented companies and non-profit organizations helping create Ultimate YOUniversity have a shared vision of Expanding the Circle of Success! We seek to provide greater access to some of the world’s best programs for Creative Thinking, Problem Solving and Successful Living Skills for the 21st Century. We have learned from decades of experience in various fields that collaboration, cooperation and cocreation are most effective and mostly fun ways to accomplish goals and objectives. We are seeking additional cofounders, strategic alliance partners, and other individuals and organizations who have related programs and products we could include as Featured Resources. Our most immediate implementation strategies are to publish The 14 stand-alone titles for Solving Life’s Ultimate Success Puzzles included in the Ultimate Destiny Success System. We invite you and anyone who is interested to accept our invitation to buy some or all of them as advance PDFs, to participate as a Charter Member in Ultimate YOUniversity and explore other possible ways that participating may serve YOU! For more information on any of the individuals programs, click on the images or Click Here links.

Other Entities or Initiatives Expanding the Circle of Success in Co-Creation with YOUniversity for Successful Living

How Could Ultimate YOUniversity Serve YOU?

Discovering the answer to that question with you is the main reason we are publishing this newsletter and why we will be developing an ongoing calendar of MeetUps, seminars, webinars, etc. We realize we are sharing a great deal of information in this introductory newsletter and we would love to invite you to peruse our programs to see which ones resonate and are of interest to YOU. Our Ultimate Vision is eventual accreditation of our Ultimate YOUniversity because we envision the individual courses and programs as “colleges” or “schools” offered through it. The best way to think of these programs and services might be to think of them like an overview of available classes or courses just like you would see in a college or university.
You may personally resonate with one course, many courses or perhaps even all of them. There is no right or wrong way when it comes to making changes. Our greatest desire is that through our programs and services, that you will be helped to discover your Ultimate Destiny, because you were meant for greatness and you are here to shine. Making change does not have to be a difficult process, and, as a matter of fact, it should be a fun and exciting process. It is our absolute privilege to be of service to you, so we hope you have enjoyed this brief introduction.
Remember, each overview article contains only a few details – so feel free to inquire more about those programs you would like to know more about. When you select the Click Here for More links above or click on any of the images, you will be taken to a website page with more detailed information that will help YOU determine which programs will be most meaningful to YOU personally, professionally or organizationally.

To Access Our Invitation to Help

By the way, we are compiling quotes and other resources on each Successful Living Skill and if you would like to help and share your favorite quotes, books and programs, please.

Thank you!

Thank you for taking time to review our programs and consider if and how they may be of valuable service to YOU and perhaps others you love!
Charles Betterton, MSCED and Leslie Riopel, Cofounders

We are seeking additional cofounders and strategic alliance partners who have skills in publishing, producing programs and online courses, coaching, producing webinars, and marketing. If that’s YOU, please do share your feedback, participate in our programs and Surveys and contact us

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